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April 2013 Archives

Girl's parents feel teen boys should face serious charges

The laws in Wisconsin are set up in a way that juveniles are treated differently than adults. This is based on the fact that juveniles often don't fully understand the consequences of their actions, and rehabilitation may be enough to help them lead fulfilling lives in the future. Juvenile crimes are also kept private in most cases, in order to protect the privacy of all who were involved in the incident.

US Supreme Court finds warrants typically needed for blood draws in suspected DUI cases

The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution provides that we should be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. The U.S. Supreme Court recently issued a decision in a case involving the intersection of the Fourth Amendment and individuals suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol.

New trial ordered for Wisconsin man by Appeals Court

An allegation of sexual assault from a woman against a man is a serious charge and not one that should be taken lightly. Even in previous relationships where sexual activity may have been consensual, there may be times where the situation becomes dangerous and the woman feels that she was involved in a rape. In these situations, in order for both parties to be able to defend themselves and present their story in Wisconsin, it's necessary for all evidence to be heard.

Man says addiction was motivation behind pharmacy thefts

Men and women who suffer from drug addictions will often stop at nothing to get the substances they need to obtain their desired high. Often, an addiction to an illegal drug such as cocaine or heroin or to certain prescription drugs can cause a person to commit criminal acts they may not have considered when they were sober. The acts committed in order to fulfill the person's drug needs are many times the reason the person ends up arrested or in jail in Wisconsin.

Teen escaped from juvenile facility involved in fatal crash

Juveniles that are accused of crimes are protected under laws in most states because they may not be able to understand the consequences of their actions. Those who have repeated arrests for juvenile crimes may be placed in a facility to either protect them or serve their time for the crime committed. When a juvenile is involved in a crime in Wisconsin, the details are often kept private in order to protect the privacy of the person who is considered underage.

Mistake by police not grounds for overturning OWI conviction

Most states have strict laws in place for those who operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. A driver in Wisconsin may be pulled over and arrested for OWI if he or she appears to be drunk while driving, or if the officer can smell or see alcohol during a traffic stop. Sobriety tests and blood alcohol levels may also be used as further evidence to support the arrest.

Wisconsin man with exposure history charged with rape

The delicate nature of sex crimes requires that prosecutors have strong evidence to support a conviction of any alleged perpetrator. If prosecutors are unable to provide enough evidence that a person has been the victim of a sexual assault, or if there are extenuating circumstances surrounding the assault, the situation simply becomes the word of a woman against the word of a man. When the person who is accused of the crime has a past history of sexual misconduct, it becomes even more important that evidence is sufficient to convict, rather than just the word of the alleged victim.

Couple charged after violent incident in home

Sorting through the facts and getting the true story is an important part of any domestic violence case. Because of the intense emotions involved between a man and a woman, the story may not always be told how it actually happened. When children are involved, it becomes even more important to determine who is the guilty party and who is the abused in the domestic violence incident.

Woman faces reckless homicide charges after teen's death

Drug users are constantly looking for new ways to increase their high by mixing chemicals that enhance the experience. This practice is particularly common with teenagers in Jefferson County, who often mix illegal drugs such as cocaine or heroin with prescription drugs that are obtained illegally with little thought to the serious consequences of their actions. There are often tragic results when these drugs are mixed, and the most extreme situations may result in the death of the drug user.

Prison Time Likely For Wisconsin Man After 13th DUI

Extensive alcohol usage can lead to dangerous situations, especially when the user gets behind the wheel of a car in Komensky. When someone is convicted of drunk driving, the penalties can be severe. Often people found guilty are sentenced to time in jail, fines, and can have their license taken away from them. For people that accumulate a number of OWI convictions, and seem unable to obey the law, a prison sentence could be the next step.

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