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March 2013 Archives

Wisconsin man faces multiple criminal charges for growing marijuana

Wisconsin's drug laws are comprehensive and thorough; sometimes causing overlapping criminal charges. For instance, someone who smokes marijuana usually does so using a pipe or a bong. If he gets caught by police, they may charge him both with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Wisconsin family fined for underage drinking party leading to crash

Although the weather still feels like winter, spring is almost here. For many Wisconsin students, that means high school or college graduation is just around the corner. If you plan to host a party and serve alcohol, you should know that in some cases, you could be held liable for any alcohol-fueled mayhem caused by your guests once they leave.

Wisconsin internet sex crimes sting operation nets 17 arrests

Because the internet is often used to facilitate sex crimes, law enforcement agencies regularly set up sting operations to catch would-be offenders. Recently, several law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin set up a three-day sting operation that resulted in 17 arrests.

Man imprisoned 2 years without trial wins $15 million in lawsuit

One of our recent posts focused on the serious problem of wrongful convictions and wrongful imprisonment. We asked readers if Wisconsin should pass laws to provide more appropriate compensation to victims of this most serious injustice.

Sex offenders become homeless as communities tighten restrictions

Life after a criminal conviction can be challenging in many ways. Even after your sentence is served, you may find yourself barred from certain jobs or discriminated against by employers. You may also find it hard to fit into a new community if the public is aware of your previous conviction.

Wrongful conviction and the laws regarding financial compensation

We have previously written about the importance of Wisconsin's criminal DNA database, as well as some of the legal challenges associated with it. For law enforcement, DNA evidence is often the fastest and most accurate way to solve sex crimes, murders and other violent offenses.

Police lenient with Wisconsin teen after potentially serious prank

It is common knowledge that kids and adolescents make mistakes (as do adults, for that matter). Making choices and discovering the consequences is part of the learning process of growing up.

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