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May 2012 Archives

New registry highlights thousands of wrongful criminal convictions

We have previously written about the importance of hard and fast scientific evidence in the prosecution or defense of serious crimes. In recent years, Wisconsin has been working hard to update its criminal DNA database, and this is actually a good thing for the majority of individuals on either side of the law.

State responds to Milwaukee Police Department misrepresentations

As a response to a high-profile investigation by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, local and state officials have called for independent audits of crime numbers released by the Milwaukee Police Department.

Losing the beard in court may help some men appear more innocent

A successful criminal defense strategy often includes a number of important factors. In addition to carefully examining the facts of the case, it is often helpful to determine which aspects of the defendant's physical appearance are most likely to influence a jury, either positively or negatively.

Wisconsin Supreme Court hears important DUI case: Part II

In our last post, we began a discussion about an interesting and important case that was recently argued before the Wisconsin Supreme Court. It is critical for prosecutors in a DUI case to show that the traffic stop was made lawfully; that is, that the officer had probable cause to stop the defendant.

Wisconsin Supreme Court hears important DUI case: Part I

We recently wrote about the acquittal of former Wisconsin Senator Randy Hopper. In the last two months, Hopper was found not guilty in a jury trial on charges of drunk driving. Based on the outcome of that trial, he was also able to beat a charge of refusal to submit to a breathalyzer test.

Wisconsin woman fired for decades-old minor criminal convictions

We have previously written that a criminal record can follow a person for years and negatively affect their reputation and job prospects. This is sometimes true even when the offense was minor and the conviction happened in one's teenage years.

Former Wisconsin lawmaker beats breathalyzer refusal charge

Last month, we wrote about the complex and controversial drunk driving case against former Wisconsin Senator Randy Hopper stemming from his arrest last October. Hopper's defense attorney has maintained that his DUI arrest and subsequent charges were politically motivated; most likely in retaliation for his vote to eliminate collective bargaining agreements.

Wisconsin DOT to alter rules and grant certain offenders jobs

We have previously written about how criminal convictions can keep individuals from gainful employment in certain fields. However, when an individual has committed a low-level offense and served his or her time, it is always a victory when lawmakers recognize that these individuals should be allowed more employment opportunities.

Economic recession may be causing a rise in domestic violence

Last December, we wrote about a Wisconsin woman who allegedly attacked her husband and daughter in a hotel room because she was upset about the Packer's first loss of the season. While this was a somewhat unique case, it shows that incidents of domestic violence can be triggered by many factors.

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