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April 2012 Archives

Drug overdose deaths may result in murder charges for suppliers

The nature of recreational drug use may be changing here in Waukesha and other mid-size communities around the Midwest. Marijuana continues to be the drug of choice for many curious young people who wish to experiment, and plenty of high school and college students find themselves facing charges of marijuana possession.

Appearing nerdy can help criminal defendants - just don't overdo it

About a year ago, we posted about an interesting courtroom tactic that some criminal defendants are engaging in. To make themselves appear smarter and less threatening to a jury, some defendants are wearing non-prescription glasses during the trial, even if they don't wear lenses or contacts otherwise.

New law alters statutes of limitation for certain Wisconsin crimes

The criminal justice system is a complex and nuanced web of organizations, efforts and principles. One element of the criminal justice system that can be confusing is the concept referred to as statutes of limitation.

Former Wisconsin lawmaker involved in complicated DUI case

In an election year, the media and the public in general tend to scrutinize the nation's lawmakers even more heavily than usual. One former Wisconsin state senator has been under a great deal of scrutiny lately for an issue somewhat distinct from his voting record.

Midwestern DUI decision may ultimately influence Wisconsin law

Wisconsin residents are regularly affected by the decisions of legislators and judges in other states. When state law is constructed either by legislation or judicial decision, it is often influenced by the decisions made by statehouses and courts in neighboring jurisdictions.

Death or drug delivery? Duress in criminal defense

This week, a man in Florida was found walking on the beach carrying $342,000 in marijuana. He said he had walked from Fort Lauderdale to the beach after a fight with his wife, then denied any connection to a 21-foot vessel which was found near where he was walking. The defendant then claimed that he had to bring the drugs into the United States or he was going to be killed.

Wisconsin bill would expand access to juvenile records

The Wisconsin legislature recently passed a flurry of legislation as their 2011-2012 floor session came to an end in March. Among the measures passed by both the Assembly and Senate was SB 173, which is directed at various issues related to juvenile crime.

Waukesha and other Wisconsin schools now using breathalyzer tests

Spring is a busy and exciting time for high school students in Waukesha and around Wisconsin. Between prom, graduation, and the after-parties which usually accompany these events, there are many exciting nights to look forward to.

Supreme Court broadens the rights of criminal defendants

We often write about the ways in which the legal system constrains the rights of criminal defendants. However, those who are forced to mount a criminal defense received more protections rather than fewer in a recent Supreme Court ruling.

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