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March 2012 Archives

Milwaukee man charged with trafficking 10 kilos of cocaine

We have previously written that prosecutors often try to introduce as many charges as possible when an individual has been accused of drug crimes. For instance, a person who purchased a moderate amount of marijuana for personal use might nevertheless be charged with both possession and intent to distribute.

Study shows physical exertion can make police officers forgetful

We have previously written about the problems with eyewitness testimony when it comes to accurately prosecuting anything from drug charges to sex crimes to simple shoplifting. The problem is that human memory and observational abilities are extremely fallible, yet eyewitness testimony often proves very convincing in court.

Wisconsin man granted modified sentence in OWI hit-and-run case

A good criminal defense strategy is often more nuanced than just going for a verdict of "not guilty." Depending on the circumstances, a plea deal can sometimes be the most effective way to mitigate the consequences of criminal charges and to minimize the impact on a defendant's personal/family life.

Wisconsin SC delivers just verdict in sex offender case

Some members of the population are often treated as though their entire existence is defined by one characteristic. As a result, even when others know little to nothing of how they came to be convicted (perhaps wrongfully) of a crime or came to be down on their luck, they judge them unfairly.

National debate continues about stricter ignition interlock laws

In recent months there has been considerable nationwide debate about the use of ignition interlock devices (IIDs) as a means of reducing repeat drunk driving offenses and drunk driving crashes.

Waukesha police increase DUI enforcement this month

Later this month, all Wisconsin residents will find themselves to be a bit more Irish than usual as they celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Like many other occasions throughout the year, this holiday is usually celebrated with friends and fair amount of alcohol.

Missing license plate leads to traffic stop and drug conviction

If you are a Wisconsin resident with a car registered here, you will be issued a license plate for the front and back of your vehicle and the law requires that you display both of them. Not every state has this same requirement.

Reasonable suspicion at issue in some refusal cases

For those who are pulled over by police for suspicion that they are driving under the influence (DUI), the complicated criminal justice process begins as soon as law enforcement requests a field sobriety test or other chemical testing. In Wisconsin, even refusing to submit to blood or urine testing may result in DUI charges.

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