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December 2011 Archives

Large mob of young people blamed for mall violence incident

The holiday season may be coming to an end, but the shopping frenzies over the past month remind us that a crowd mentality can sometimes take over and cause good people do to uncharacteristically bad things.

Wisconsin police target Packers home games for DUI enforcement

The Packers are having another great season this year, but Wisconsin residents tend to be loyal fans even when the team isn't doing so well. Many fans from Waukesha and around the state will make the drive to Lambeau field in order to catch a live game sometime this season.

Wisconsin woman faces criminal charges following Packers loss

In March, we wrote about the results of a study suggesting that there may be a correlation between incidents of domestic violence and NFL football losses. Specifically, researchers said that a home-team loss could result in a 10 percent jump in domestic violence 911 calls within 1-2 hours after the end of the game.

New study shows more young people now face arrest than in the past

It seems it is becoming more common for teenagers who get in trouble with the law to be charged as adults, and we have previously written about several such cases here in Wisconsin. Behaviors that used to be viewed as the mistakes of youth are now being treated more severely by law enforcement.

Wisconsin authorities announce dozens of arrests in drug bust

In the past year, we have written about several major drug busts by law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin. These busts often come at the end of months of investigation and usually involve dozens of arrests in a short period of time.

Two HS seniors in Wisconsin face felony sexual assault charges

We have previously written that per Wisconsin's statutory rape laws, no one under the age of 16 can legally give their consent to have sex. Therefore, sex between a 15-year-old girl and her 17-year-old boyfriend could lead to statutory rape charges, even when the sex was completely consensual.

Wisconsin police will be increasing DUI and seatbelt enforcement

Waukesha drivers beware: police all across Wisconsin will soon be out in full force. Throughout the year, we post about increased DUI enforcement efforts that usually coincide with major holidays and events, especially the ones celebrated with alcohol.

Woman in front passenger seat charged with DUI following crash

In October, we wrote about the Wisconsin man who was charged with drunk driving after police discovered him asleep in his van in the early hours of the morning. The keys were in the ignition, but the car was apparently not running.

Is Facebook friendship grounds for a judge's recusal? - Part II

Earlier this week, be began a discussion about a DUI case and an issue that could become more prevalent in future criminal cases: whether or not a Facebook friendship between a judge and defendant is a significant enough link to question the judge's ability to rule in a case.

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