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November 2011 Archives

Is Facebook friendship grounds for a judge's recusal? - Part I

It is important for Wisconsin judges to remain impartial and fair, particularly in criminal cases. For instance, if the judge is friends with a defendant who has been charged with DUI, that connection might unfairly influence the judge's ruling.

Child pornography charges spark firing of Lutheran official

We have previously written that sex crime charges can be damaging to a defendant's future, regardless of a conviction. A defendant may lose his reputation, community standing and even his job.

Studies show high risk of domestic violence for vets with PTSD

In September, we wrote about a 32-year-old war veteran from Wisconsin who pleaded no contest to three counts of DUI homicide and one count of OWI causing injury. After the accident, a breathalyzer showed that he had a BAC of 0.158 percent, which is nearly twice the legal limit.

Wisconsin teen faces prison time for contacting younger girlfriend

A recent case involving two Wisconsin teenagers has raised some controversy. It is a good example of the legal troubles that can befall two consenting teenagers in a romantic relationship as a result of strict enforcement of Wisconsin's sex crime laws.

Wisconsin lawmakers pass bill to punish pornography in schools

In April, we wrote about a piece of legislation being considered by Wisconsin lawmakers that would significantly increase penalties for teachers or other school officials who were found to have viewed pornography at school or on school district computers. Recently, that bill passed both the Senate and the state Assembly.

Celebrity paternity scandal could bring statutory rape charges

We have previously written about the legal mess created by Wisconsin's statutory rape laws. Charges of statutory rape often stem from consensual sex between two teenagers who are dating or in a committed relationship.

Juvenile charged as adult in Wisconsin armed robbery

Wisconsin law generally states that youth 16 years old and younger will automatically be charged as a juvenile if police suspect them of a crime. Unfortunately for a Sheboygan, Wisconsin, boy, prosecutors are using a section of the law that allows juveniles to be tried as adults after police arrested him for allegedly robbing a 17 year old.

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