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June 2011 Archives

Wisconsin teen given a lenient sentence for car accident death

Earlier this month, a Wisconsin teen was sentenced in the car accident death of her friend and classmate last September. The 18-year-old girl from Mequon will face one year in jail with release during the day to attend college.

Supreme Court ruling protects rights of accused minors: Part II

Earlier this week, we began a discussion about a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling which will protect the rights of minors accused of a juvenile crime. The Court recently ruled that minors who are questioned as a suspect in a crime must be considered "in custody" and have their Miranda Rights read to them by law enforcement officials.

Supreme Court ruling protects rights of accused minors: Part I

Anyone who has watched a police drama has heard: "you have the right to remain silent." This speech is known as the "Miranda Rights." Since 1966, police have been required to read a suspect their Miranda Rights at the time of arrest. The goal is to inform a suspect that he doesn't have to incriminate himself by answering police questions.

Wisconsin man denied reduced sentence for drugged driving deaths

In January, we posted that Wisconsin residents can sometimes face DUI charges for drugged driving even if the drugs in their system are legal and prescribed by a doctor. An arrest often relies on the judgment of a police officer to determine if the drugs in the driver's system have caused impairment.

Man with cerebral palsy falsely arrested for drunk driving

Last month, we posted that drunk driving charges are not always as solid as they appear. In Wisconsin, police use a combination of field sobriety tests and breath, blood or urine tests to build a criminal case against a suspected drunk driver.

Wisconsin police bust alleged drug and gambling ring: Part II

Earlier this week, we wrote that Wisconsin authorities have charged 24 defendants following a major investigation into an alleged drug ring and illegal gambling scheme. Law enforcement officials believe that 17 of the defendants were conspiring to sell more than 2,000 pounds of high-grade, imported marijuana.

Wisconsin police bust alleged drug and gambling ring: Part I

Late last month, Wisconsin authorities arrested 24 people during one of the state's largest drug busts in recent history. In addition to selling marijuana, police say the defendants were also operating an illegal gambling scheme using cell phones.

Wisconsin city violates own ordinance to keep sex offender out

Over the last few months, we have written several posts about the problems which arise from city ordinances restricting sex-offender residency. Many Wisconsin cities have passed ordinances to limit or restrict residency by sex offenders.

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