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March 2011 Archives

Wisconsin Boy Who Set Deadly Fire May Be Too Young To Prosecute

When it comes to handling crimes committed by children and juveniles there are often no clear guidelines. Prosecutors must ask themselves many questions about the child's age as well as his maturity level. They are also left to wonder if the child can even understand that what he has done is wrong.

Wisconsin's Criminal DNA Database Is Now More Important Than Ever

We have previously posted about the importance of DNA evidence and Wisconsin's criminal DNA database. As forensic science improves, there is no stronger or more accurate piece of evidence than DNA. For someone falsely accused of a sex crime such as rape, DNA evidence may be the only thing keeping him from a lifetime of wrongful imprisonment.

Does Wisconsin Domestic Violence Increase When The Packers Lose?

Football season is over and for Wisconsin residents the season could not have ended better. The Packers took the Super Bowl title and our whole state had a reason to celebrate. We warned readers about the dangers of drunk driving on Super Bowl Sunday, but were fans also at a higher risk for other criminal charges?

Saint Patrick's Day Is Coming - How Are You Getting Home?

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. That means that no matter what our heritage the rest of the year, everyone is a little bit Irish this week. It also means many celebrations on Thursday night involving lots of alcohol.

Police Hold Woman Responsible For Friend's Fatal Heroin Overdose

It is common knowledge that illegal drug use is prosecuted severely. Those convicted of drug possession often face jail time, fines, and other penalties. While not everyone agrees that drug use should be illegal, those who choose to use drugs understand that they can be punished for the personal choices they make.

Glendale DUI Defendant Argues He Was Drunk In Car But Not Driving

A man from Glendale recently defended himself in court against charges that he was guilty of drunk driving. He unfortunately was not able to win his case, and his recent conviction will be counted as his 12th DUI.

Waukesha City Council Sends Message To Sex Offenders: Stay Away

Once someone has been convicted of a sex crime, it is likely that his life will never return to normal. Because of our strict sex offender registry requirements, a convicted sex offender will be publicly branded for the rest of his life, even after he has served his sentence.

Phone Calls From Jail Become Evidence In Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence can be a difficult crime to sort out. The victims of domestic violence are intimately connected to their alleged offenders, and sometimes the normal necessities of marriage or relationships can complicate a domestic violence criminal case.

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