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February 2011 Archives

Milwaukee D.A. Wants State To Get Smart About Criminal Justice

We have written several posts about the condition of Wisconsin's criminal justice system. There are many signs that it is working well, including the fact that Wisconsin's prison population has been declining. But one prosecutor from Milwaukee County thinks our state system could work better, save money, and keep more people out of prison.

Waukesha County Man Gets Serious Sentence For Marijuana Growing

Drug crimes are treated seriously by the state of Wisconsin. Most drug crimes involve simple possession of a small amount of illegal drugs such as marijuana, but suspects can be arrested for something as minor as being caught with drug paraphernalia like a bong. Then of course, there are the big drug crimes: trafficking and manufacturing.

Wearing Glasses In Court Might Just Get You Acquitted

In criminal cases defendants have their fate decided by a jury of their peers. The jury is selected somewhat randomly to make sure that they are "fair and impartial." Nonetheless, we all seem to have some positive and negative prejudices that unconsciously influence our decisions.

Teen Couple From Wisconsin Charged With Child Porn For Self-Pics

We recently posted about the legal dangers associated with child pornography. The law takes possession of child pornography very seriously. Someone who gets convicted of this crime could face years in prison, fines, and be forced to register as a sex offender.

Valentine's Day Provides Big Business For Drug Smugglers

It is Valentine's Day today, a day normally associated with giving gifts to that special someone. Many choose to give their Valentine a bouquet of roses or other flowers as way of showing their love. But with so many flowers imported into the U.S. for Valentine's Day, border agents are on the lookout for drug traffickers who use the flower shipments as a way to smuggle drugs.

Wisconsin School Administrator Faces Child Pornography Charges

We have previously posted about the serious consequences someone faces when charged with a computer sex crime. Offenses such as possession of child pornography are especially serious because they involve minors. Police and investigators are always searching the internet and setting up sting operations to catch those who might attempt sex crimes against minors.

Sheboygan Woman Faces Murder Charge In Cold Case From 1957

A 74-year-old woman from Sheboygan appeared in court recently to face second-degree murder charges. She has been accused of accidentally killing her 7-month-old baby during an incident which happened 54 years ago.

Super Bowl Weekend Means Extra DUI Enforcement

This is the big weekend. Our beloved Packers are squaring off against the Steelers for the championship on Sunday. While many die-hard fans will be traveling down to Texas to see the game in person, the rest of us will be gathering with friends and family here in Wisconsin to watch the Packers win.

Alcohol Detection Systems May Become Mandatory For All Drivers

New car technology continues to improve the driving experience while making cars safer and more reliable. However, new technology can sometimes be viewed as an invasion of privacy and a threat to individual rights.

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