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December 2010 Archives

Advocacy Group Calls DUI Checkpoints Driver Harassment

The holiday season is a busy time for police departments and highway patrol. Because of a significant increase in drunk driving around Christmas and New Year's Eve, police use extra patrols and DUI checkpoints to catch as many drunk drivers as possible. This week a national advocacy group has publicly urged police departments to stop using DUI checkpoints.

College Campuses Are Noticing An Increase In Stimulant Abuse

A recent report from Oshkosh highlights a growing trend among college students nationwide. Students are abusing prescription stimulants to help them stay alert and energized. Authorities have noticed and are beginning to crack down, resulting in drug charges for those caught selling.

Wisconsin Leads By Example In Reducing Prison Crowding

Anyone following the national news lately has noticed a big problem plaguing many states: prisons are overcrowded. This is especially true in states like California that impose prison sentences for a wider variety of non-violent offenses such as drug crimes. Overcrowding in prisons leads to serious health and safety problems, and it costs taxpayers billions of dollars per year.

Wisconsin Man Convicted For DUI Death Of Another Drunk Driver

A Pewaukee man was convicted last week for a 2008 drunk driving accident that resulted in one death and two injuries. The other driver was also drunk at the time. Despite a creative criminal defense which took advantage of some unique Wisconsin laws, the man was unable to successfully plead his case.

Local Bans on Synthetic Pot Cause Headaches in Wisconsin: Part II

In my last post, I focused on how letting individual cities enact their own legislation is causing problems for users and distributors of synthetic pot. Many are breaking the law without realizing it, based solely on where they happen to be standing. This small detail has resulted in drug charges for some who thought the law was on their side.

Local Bans on Synthetic Pot Cause Headaches in Wisconsin: Part I

While synthetic marijuana (or synthetic pot) has been around since the new millennium it has only gained national attention in the last year. Increased synthetic pot use has spurred action among local lawmakers and resulted in drug charges for some users.

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