You do not have to let a youthful mistake wreck a promising future. Where criminal charges are involved, I routinely work with juveniles and their families to preserve opportunities, both with respect to future jobs and to current education.

An expungement is the legal tool that allows you to prevent past criminal charges from ruining those opportunities. Particularly in this Internet age in which employers and educators can access any record anywhere seemingly at the touch of a button, an expungement has become an even more necessary tool to preserve your future opportunities or those of your child.

Learn Your Rights When It Comes To Expungements

At the law firm of Walden & Schuster, S.C., I work compassionately with my clients in the Waukesha area to remove past criminal charges from their records by way of an expungement. As their attorney, I understand the fears that both children and their parents have when it comes to dealing with the legal system. Sometimes, people fail to take advantage of their expungement rights, not because they are not aware of expungements, but because they want to let dogs lie.

That approach is both unnecessary and ineffective. I hold 30 years of experience as a lawyer in the criminal defense system. As a result, I know how that system works. I will help you understand how expungement works and how you, too, can take advantage of it to open doors you perhaps thought were closed to you or your child forever.

Your Dreams Can Still Come True.

You can eliminate the stigma associated with your past criminal charges or those of your child. Please call me at (262) 422-6106 or contact me online to schedule an initial consultation with me and begin the process of reclaiming the future.