Appeals & Post-Conviction Motions

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If you were convicted in a jury trial and you are unhappy with the way your attorney handled your case, you can seek a new trial due to ineffective representation by your lawyer.

Here are some examples of ineffective assistance of counsel:

  • Did you tell your attorney to hire an expert and he or she didn't?
  • Did your attorney fail to investigate your case prior to your trial?
  • Did your attorney miss deadlines?
  • Did your attorney not call alibi witnesses?

I'm Waukesha and Milwaukee appeals lawyer Craig Kuhary, with the law firm of Walden & Schuster, S.C. I am one of Wisconsin's leading criminal defense attorneys in state appellate court appeals and post-conviction actions.

If you are unhappy about how your criminal case was resolved because of errors made by your first lawyer and you want to appeal your conviction or sentence, you have only 20 days from the date of sentencing to start an appeal. Contact my Waukesha law office immediately so I can review your case. Your initial consultation is free.

Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Claims

I am not afraid to challenge another lawyer's competence at trial. I have handled some groundbreaking cases involving ineffective representation by legal counsel, which resulted in successful appeals. Here are some examples:

  • State v. Pitsch, 124 Wis. 2d 628, 369 N.W. 2d 711 (1985)
  • State v. Pulizzano, 155 Wis. 2d 633, 456 N.W.2d 325 (1990)

I have a strong record of appeals in Wisconsin criminal appeals courts. As an experienced Waukesha sex crimes appeals attorney, I have successfully secured reversals on a number of criminal convictions and sentences.

Motions and Post-Conviction Relief

A post-conviction motion for relief can withdraw a plea of guilty, can seek to modify a criminal sentence, or can try to reverse a conviction (set aside a verdict). Through a post-conviction motion we can try to shorten a sentence or change the conditions of a sentence. For example, in a sex crimes case it may be possible to change the requirement of sex offender registration.

There are a limited number of situations in which a post-conviction motion can be brought to the court. I can explain these to you and let you know if you qualify.

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Ineffective counsel is only one problem that can result in an unfair criminal trial. Whatever criminal defense problem you face, you can expect my complete dedication and commitment to your cause, your rights and your freedom. For a free, confidential consultation to discuss your legal options, contact my Waukesha defense firm online today or call (262) 422-6106.

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