DUI Repeat Offenders

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Unlike other criminal charges, a drunk driving charge can never be removed from your criminal record. No matter when you were last convicted, no matter what state you lived in at the time, that DUI conviction is on your record. If you are ever charged again with DUI (driving under the influence), DWI (driving while impaired) or OUI (operating under the influence), you will face more severe penalties.

In Wisconsin, you now face mandatory jail time for a second offense, even though it is technically a misdemeanor crime. If you cause an accident with significant bodily harm, even if it is only your second offense, you could be facing felony charges. A fourth or fifth DUI charge and you are facing felony charges and a significant amount of time in jail or prison. (Read more about potential penalties for repeat DWI offenders.)

I'm Waukesha repeat DWI offender lawyer Craig Kuhary. I have handled thousands of DUI/DWI/OWI cases in my career, ranging from misdemeanor first offense to felony fifth DWI offense. I aggressively pursue the most effective defense possible for multiple offenses. I conduct my own investigation. I review every detail of the alleged behavior, the arrest, and the strength of the prosecutor's case.

If you've been charged as a repeat DWI offender, contact my Waukesha criminal defense firm online or call (262) 422-6106. I am dedicated to obtaining the best outcome possible for you if you've been charged with these or other drunk driving crimes:

  • Second DUI within 10 years of first DUI (misdemeanor)
  • Third DUI within lifetime (misdemeanor)
  • Fourth DUI within lifetime with no prior within five years (misdemeanor)
  • Fourth DUI within five years of previous DUI (felony)
  • Fifth DUI within lifetime (felony)

Ignition Interlock Device Is Mandatory

An ignition interlock device is now mandatory after your second conviction for DUI/DWI/OWI, or your first conviction if you had a BAC greater than .15 or if you refused to submit to the blood alcohol test. The IID attaches to your car, requiring you to blow into it before your car will start. You will also be required to blow into the IID periodically as you drive. If at anytime your BAC measures in excess of .02, your car alarm will begin to sound.

An ignition interlock device can cost about $1,000 to install and maintain over the course of a year, and it must be done at an approved facility (see the list of ignition interlock device service centers in our area). Because it's very visible, many people feel ashamed to have family and friends see them driving.

If you want to avoid having an IID installed, you need to take every drunk driving charge seriously and get an attorney on your case immediately to begin building a strong defense. Avoiding a second conviction is the only way to avoid an IID if you are a repeat DWI offender.

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