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Woman faces child neglect and drug charges in pharmacy theft

If the police reports are correct, a Wisconsin woman recently demonstrated the overwhelming influence that drug addiction can have on the person's behavior. The 30-year-old woman left her 2-year-old child in her car, entered a Kmart store, climbed into the ceiling crawl space and stole drugs from the pharmacy. Because police had already been alerted to her car in the store parking lot, they apprehended the suspect on her way out of store and filed drug charges against her.

In addition to the drug charges, she has been arrested for theft and child neglect. Police allegedly found the woman's child in a safety seat in the back of the vehicle. They gained access through an open moon roof and found the child, apparently in good health. While in the store, the suspect allegedly took a step ladder to the back area of the store near the pharmacy.

Child pornography charges for Wisconsin legislative analyst

Child porn charges can range from simple possession of child porn to the actual creation of child pornography. Regardless of the severity of the alleged crime, the penalties can be harsh and an aggressive defense strategy is often necessary. An analyst for the legislative council here in Wisconsin has recently been accused of child pornography possession and will likely need such a defense as he decides how to move forward. 

Apparently, authorities have been watching the BitTorrent network and looking for individuals who are distributing and downloading child porn. One agent allegedly identified a computer in the 57-year-old analyst's home as being among those that were participating in the distribution. After a search of the man's home, authorities claim that they located child porn on one computer as well as an external hard drive.

Wisconsin driver will need DUI defense after being arrested twice

Police reported a rather peculiar incident recently involving a 25-year-old man who had been pulled over in a traffic stop on a recent Saturday in Wisconsin. Some time later, the police came into contact with the same man. He will now need to prepare a DUI defense, and it is not the first time he has faced intoxicated driving charges, according to his police record.

The man was reportedly stopped by police because they had witnessed his vehicle veering across lanes into oncoming traffic. Police placed the man under arrest and held him in jail for several hours. According to reports, he was released from jail some time later. Police released him into the care of a driver who was sober.

Those accused of drunk driving in Wisconsin may seek DUI defense

A tragic accident occurred on a recent Thursday in Wisconsin. One person was killed and another has been arrested and accused of causing the accident. The crash happened near New Richmond in the hours just after midnight at approximately 2:30 a.m. The woman who stands accused, like all other residents charged with crimes, is fully entitled to a DUI defense as her case proceeds to navigate the court system.

The 20-year-old woman was carrying two passengers in her car when it was involved in an accident. She was reportedly driving in an eastbound direction when her vehicle allegedly struck a nearby pedestrian. Sadly, the 28-year-old man, who was said to be walking with another individual, was killed upon impact.

Sex crimes: Teacher accused of inappropriate contact with student

Considering all the crimes of which people are accused, sex crimes likely carry the biggest social stigma. Even long before any charges are filed, suggestions or suspicions reported in the media can cause the alleged offender to be at a significant disadvantage. A 25-year-old female teacher at a Wisconsin school has been suspended after allegations related to sex crimes were made.

The imminent case arose from allegations that surfaced suggesting inappropriate conduct by the teacher toward a 17-year-old female student. Authorities say the teacher is cooperating with the sheriff's office. Although investigations into the incident of alleged inappropriate contact are still underway, and the teacher has not had an opportunity to defend herself, her reputation may already be ruined.

What types of abuse allegations are considered domestic violence?

Domestic violence in Wisconsin basically boils down to four different types of abuse: physical, sexual, emotional and economic. Physical and sexual abuse are likely the most common forms of domestic violence that are alleged against individuals. Physical abuse refers to any type of physical behavior inflicted violently on another individual, such as hitting, biting and shoving, while sexual abuse refers to sexual behavior or contact that occurs with an individual who did not provide his or her consent.  

Emotional and economic abuse are two forms of domestic violence crimes that are not as widely known. This is because most people consider domestic violence to be physical or sexual, but it can come in many forms. Emotional abuse is when a person's self-esteem or self-worth is attacked while economic abuse is when a victim is coerced into handing over control of his or her finances.

Correctional officer charged with sex crimes for alleged assaults

When it comes to sex crimes, there are a variety of accusations that could manifest. They could include anything from inappropriate touching to unwanted sexual intercourse. With today's society, media outlets help the news of sex crimes travel rapidly, which has the ability to complicate the entire case for the accused individual. It may even make it difficult for a fair trial, particularly when the accused is a person of authority. This may be the case with a jailer here in Wisconsin.

A correctional officer in Wisconsin has recently been charged with second-degree sexual assault. He allegedly engaged in sexual contact and/or intercourse with five separate victims. He is now facing five counts for the Class C felony.

Woman in Wisconsin drunk driving crash unresponsive in vehicle

A recent accident occurred in Wisconsin involving a 43-year-old woman. Rock County deputies are said to have responded to the scene. The incident resulted in police officers making a drunk driving arrest. Reports indicate that the accused has a past history of multiple offenses involving driving while intoxicated.

The woman who was behind the wheel of the car was reportedly driving on a local roadway in Rock County. According to reports, her vehicle veered into some gravel located in the southbound direction of the road. Reports from the sheriff's department stated that upon entering the gravel, the driver apparently over-corrected her steering, which then caused her car to enter into a spin.

Child pornography charges can change one's life permanently

With technology so advanced today, it can take a click of a mouse and one may find themselves facing a serious criminal charge. Prosecutors tend to push for the harshest penalties when it comes to sex crimes, which is something that accused individuals typically need to keep in mind. A 30-year-old man in Wisconsin has recently has criminal charges filed against him for child pornography possession.

Reportedly, an investigator said that he or she became aware of child pornography videos being uploaded to the Internet last September. The videos reportedly came from an e-mail address that included the suspect's name.  The investigator spoke to the man's parole officer, as he was on probation after being convicted of a burglary.

Sometimes those accused of domestic violence are the real victims

Wisconsin residents may be aware that the month of April has been reserved for raising awareness for sexual assault. This is important because it is something that affects many people. In fact, one in five women and one in 16 men are expected to be victims of sexual assault during their college years alone. However, many fail to see those accused of domestic violence as victims, but some of the accused are victims as well.

The key to reducing the risk of sexual assault is increasing awareness of the issue. It is important that both teens and adults understand what healthy relationships look like and make themselves aware of the signs of abusive or controlling behavior. This awareness will help them stay safe and keep others safe from sexual assault and domestic violence.