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2 individuals facing drug charges for unrelated accusations

Regardless of the type of or amount of drug involved, drug charges are serious offenses, here in Wisconsin and across the country. If a person is convicted of a drug-related offense, there is the possibility of a very lengthy jail sentence as well as a mark on one's permanent criminal record. While the consequences for conviction can be harsh, it doesn't mean that there isn't a chance to dispute these drug charges and maintain one's freedom. This is something that two individuals recently charged with drug offenses in separate incidents are likely considering as they each prepare for upcoming court proceedings.

In one drug-related incident, a 30-year-old man was arrested and charged for selling meth. Reportedly, undercover agents were able to make two separate purchases from the man within the last week. Both purported buys took place at the same home in Wisconsin.

Ensure your rights are protected if accused of child pornography

Possessing and distributing child pornography online or offline is a very serious offense here in Wisconsin. Not only is there the potential for hefty fines, but facing time behind bars is a distinct possibility should a conviction be secured. Depending on the exact charge, a prison sentence could range between nine months and as much as 40 years. Understandably, it is crucial to understand what is at risk and what defenses for child pornography charges may exist. This could prove to be extremely valuable.

When you are facing charges of child pornography, you have likely already been arrested following a search and seizure of your home. It is crucial that you speak to someone knowledgeable about the law and the protection of your legal rights. For example, not all search and seizures are conducted properly under the law. In some cases, your rights may have been violated during the search. If any of this occurred, the information gathered in the home search may be ruled inadmissible in court, which simply means it can't be used against you at trial.

Wisconsin traffic stop results in drug charges for man

The laws surrounding marijuana vary from state to state, especially now that some states have authorized the use of medicinal marijuana. Illegal use of the drug can result in prison time, hefty fines and a mark on one's criminal record. Therefore, it is important to take any form of drug charges very seriously and ensure one's rights are protected moving forward. This is something one man will likely want to keep in mind.

A man from another state was recently charged by Wisconsin authorities with a felony drug charge. The 23-year-old man was reportedly driving above the posted speed limit on U.S. Highway 53. Authorities proceeded to pull him over and initiate a traffic stop.

Man charged with sex crimes after alleged sexual encounter

When a person is accused of a sex crime, there are many obstacles in front of him or her. This will likely stand true for a Wisconsin man who is currently facing two felony charges for sex crimes. The 26-year-old man's troubles began when he was pulled over by local law enforcement in Jan. 2014 on suspicion of drinking and driving. 

Once the police pulled the man over, they searched his vehicle. In the back seat, authorities say that they found a woman who was passed out -- possibly from being heavily intoxicated. She was transported to the hospital by ambulance. When they resumed their search, police say they found what they believed to be a previously used condom.

What makes a juvenile crimes court different than adult court?

Wisconsin adults have likely made mistakes at some time in their lives, especially when they were younger. Mistakes are a part of life, and they are often how people learn. As everyone knows, some mistakes are not simply learning experiences, but, instead, they are actually illegal acts. When mistakes are illegal, parents are no longer in control of a minor's punishment. Instead, the control is handed to the juvenile crimes court. 

Parents should not be alarmed by the thought of their minor child being in court. In fact, the juvenile system is designed to help children understand that what they did was wrong and that it should not be done again. As a general rule, a crime committed by a juvenile is considered a delinquent act rather than a crime. For that reason, court proceedings are very different for juveniles than for adults.

Wisconsin man accused of being 5-time drunk driving offender

When people are charged and convicted of DUIs in Wisconsin, they will face penalties, which can include fines and jail time. In most cases, people will learn from their mistakes and not become repeat offenders. Unfortunately, some people fail to learn and end up facing multiple DUI charges. When a person has been charged and convicted of drunk driving, future convictions will result in more serious penalties.

A 41-year-old was arrested in late February after allegedly driving the wrong way and swerving. A police officer approached the man outside of a bar. It was at this time that the man said he was being followed, which is why he was driving erratically.

Wisconsin woman accused of drunk driving after serious accident

People are injured in car accidents every day. Causes of accidents vary from simple driver error to poor road conditions. In many cases, police have a difficult time determining the exact cause of an accident. However, police say that one accident in Wisconsin was caused by drunk driving.

The accident happened one evening in February. Police reports indicate that a 46-year-old female driver lost control of her vehicle as she attempted to navigate a curve. As a result, she crossed onto the shoulder, where it is believed that she over-corrected, which sent the vehicle into a ditch. The vehicle rolled as a result of the accident.

Drug charges stem from alleged distribution operation

Many Wisconsin residents are aware of the fact that criminal charges are often the result of using, selling or possessing illegal drugs. However, many individuals may not realize just how serious these drug charges and their potential consequences really are. The severity of the penalty for a conviction varies depending on the type of drug one has, the amount of drug one has in his or her possession and other factors, such as whether one appears to have the intention to distribute the drug.

Seven individuals have recently been arrested and charged due to their possible involvement in what police believe to be a very large drug operation. Investigators reportedly seized heroin, cocaine and weapons from two separate homes in Wisconsin from which the drug ring was supposedly operating. Police believe that drugs were brought across the state line from a neighboring state. 

Sexting becoming a huge issue, teens at risk of sex crimes charge

Sexting is a new term for many Wisconsin residents and parents. It has only been around for a few years, but it is growing quickly in popularity, especially among minors. Despite what many parents believe, no one is too young to be charged with sexting-related sex crimes in the United States.

Many minors will take photographs or videos of themselves to send to their boyfriends and girlfriends. These children often see nothing wrong with what they are doing. However, the circulation of these photos and videos is technically considered child pornography. 

Teen will likely need strong DUI defense after police chase

Everyone knows that it is illegal for individuals under the age of 21 to drink alcohol. Even for those who are old enough to drink, it is still illegal to drink and then get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Unfortunately, this still occurs and, when one is caught operating while intoxicated (OWI), a vigorous DUI defense is often needed to combat the charge. However, adults who are drinking and driving are not the only concern that Wisconsin has, as teenagers appear to be doing it as well. When caught, those teenagers could also face serious legal consequences. 

A teenage girl in Wisconsin allegedly led authorities on a high-speed chase through Brown County. Authorities say that the vehicle reached speeds of up to 60 mph. When she was finally stopped, authorities say that they determined that she had been drinking. Supposedly, her blood alcohol content (BAC) was nearly four times the legal adult limit.