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Woman in Wisconsin drunk driving crash unresponsive in vehicle

A recent accident occurred in Wisconsin involving a 43-year-old woman. Rock County deputies are said to have responded to the scene. The incident resulted in police officers making a drunk driving arrest. Reports indicate that the accused has a past history of multiple offenses involving driving while intoxicated.

The woman who was behind the wheel of the car was reportedly driving on a local roadway in Rock County. According to reports, her vehicle veered into some gravel located in the southbound direction of the road. Reports from the sheriff's department stated that upon entering the gravel, the driver apparently over-corrected her steering, which then caused her car to enter into a spin.

Child pornography charges can change one's life permanently

With technology so advanced today, it can take a click of a mouse and one may find themselves facing a serious criminal charge. Prosecutors tend to push for the harshest penalties when it comes to sex crimes, which is something that accused individuals typically need to keep in mind. A 30-year-old man in Wisconsin has recently has criminal charges filed against him for child pornography possession.

Reportedly, an investigator said that he or she became aware of child pornography videos being uploaded to the Internet last September. The videos reportedly came from an e-mail address that included the suspect's name.  The investigator spoke to the man's parole officer, as he was on probation after being convicted of a burglary.

Sometimes those accused of domestic violence are the real victims

Wisconsin residents may be aware that the month of April has been reserved for raising awareness for sexual assault. This is important because it is something that affects many people. In fact, one in five women and one in 16 men are expected to be victims of sexual assault during their college years alone. However, many fail to see those accused of domestic violence as victims, but some of the accused are victims as well.

The key to reducing the risk of sexual assault is increasing awareness of the issue. It is important that both teens and adults understand what healthy relationships look like and make themselves aware of the signs of abusive or controlling behavior. This awareness will help them stay safe and keep others safe from sexual assault and domestic violence.

Wisconsin marijuana users may soon no longer face drug charges

Over the years, there has been a lot of talk regarding the use and possession of marijuana. Some states have moved to legalize marijuana, while others have decriminalized it. Some states still continue to prosecute all marijuana possession and related drug charges, including Wisconsin.

Wisconsin residents may be interested to learn that the passage of a new bill introduced to the state legislature would allow the use of marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes. This could significantly reduce the number of arrests, charges and convictions in regards to marijuana possession. One representative who is for this new bill says that she believes that the legalization of marijuana could create jobs and help reduce crime. She also believes communities would be safer if marijuana was legalized, as its decriminalization would give authorities more time to focus on more grave issues, such as domestic violence.

Art teacher facing legal troubles for alleged sex crimes

Being employed as a teacher is not always easy. Those entering the profession don't necessarily think of the potential disadvantages that could present themselves. Sadly, a disgruntled student making accusations of sex crimes against a teacher is a scenario that occurs more often than many of us might believe. 

A 51-year-old art teacher at a Wisconsin high school stands accused of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with one of his students. Apparently, the 17-year-old student says that she was sexually assaulted on two separate occasions. She says that one time occurred in the school's art room and the other time occurred in the glazing room. The complaint says that the touching that supposedly occurred was not underneath the clothes.

2 in Wisconsin facing drug charges for allegedly running meth lab

For Wisconsin residents who watch the news, there isn't often a day that goes by when an individual is not accused of drug crimes. Recently, two individuals -- one male and one female -- have been arrested and accused for their alleged involvement in a methamphetamine lab. They are both now facing serious drug charges.

One of the local detectives said that the man had made several purchases from him of an ingredient used to create meth. This took place over the course of several months. A search warrant was allegedly obtained and later served at the home where the two were living.

Wisconsin man faces 5th drunk driving charge

Drunk driving is a serious accusation in Wisconsin. Due to the scope of the problem, the state prosecutes OWI charges to the fullest extent of the law, making a strong criminal defense important for those accused of drunk driving. This is particularly true when a person is facing a fifth OWI charge and, potentially, a fifth conviction. 

A man in Wisconsin has recently been arrested and accused of felony OWI. According to authorities, reports came in about a stalled vehicle on the interstate early one morning. When a deputy arrived at the location, he says that he observed signs that indicated that the 34-year-old man who was in the vehicle was impaired.

Conviction for juvenile crimes do not have to ruin one's life

It is likely that most Wisconsin residents heard about the tragic car accident that took the lives of two 12-year-old girls and left others seriously injured. Apparently, the driver and nine other individuals were crammed into a sport utility vehicle and were on their way to go swimming. The driver, now 17 years of age, has recently received her punishment from both a juvenile crimes court and an adult crimes court for her involvement in the accident.

There is no clear indication of how the accident happened, as the passengers all have various accounts of what occurred just prior to the crash. Some say that the driver was pretending to swerve and scare the passengers, while others say she was distracted by loud music. Regardless, it seems that it has been determined that the driver was acting recklessly and was not properly operating the SUV.

2 individuals facing drug charges for unrelated accusations

Regardless of the type of or amount of drug involved, drug charges are serious offenses, here in Wisconsin and across the country. If a person is convicted of a drug-related offense, there is the possibility of a very lengthy jail sentence as well as a mark on one's permanent criminal record. While the consequences for conviction can be harsh, it doesn't mean that there isn't a chance to dispute these drug charges and maintain one's freedom. This is something that two individuals recently charged with drug offenses in separate incidents are likely considering as they each prepare for upcoming court proceedings.

In one drug-related incident, a 30-year-old man was arrested and charged for selling meth. Reportedly, undercover agents were able to make two separate purchases from the man within the last week. Both purported buys took place at the same home in Wisconsin.

Ensure your rights are protected if accused of child pornography

Possessing and distributing child pornography online or offline is a very serious offense here in Wisconsin. Not only is there the potential for hefty fines, but facing time behind bars is a distinct possibility should a conviction be secured. Depending on the exact charge, a prison sentence could range between nine months and as much as 40 years. Understandably, it is crucial to understand what is at risk and what defenses for child pornography charges may exist. This could prove to be extremely valuable.

When you are facing charges of child pornography, you have likely already been arrested following a search and seizure of your home. It is crucial that you speak to someone knowledgeable about the law and the protection of your legal rights. For example, not all search and seizures are conducted properly under the law. In some cases, your rights may have been violated during the search. If any of this occurred, the information gathered in the home search may be ruled inadmissible in court, which simply means it can't be used against you at trial.