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Child Porn Possession

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Wisconsin Illegal Child Porn Possession Lawyer

While the First Amendment may protect adults who possess pornographic images of other adults, it offers no protection if an adult is found in possession of sexually explicit images of anyone under the age of 18. Child porn possession is illegal in the United States. Even images for medical purposes may qualify as possession of child pornography if obtained from an adult website. In addition to possible prison time, if you are convicted of child porn possession, you may be branded as a child sex offender or pedophile. The social stigma this carries can last for a lifetime.

I provide clients in southeastern Wisconsin with criminal defense representation when they are accused of or arrested for possessing child pornography. Contact me today for a free, confidential consultation to discuss your case if you are facing these kinds of criminal charges.

I am available to assist people charged with possession of illegal child pornography, which is sexually explicit paper photographs or pictures, films or videos, or computer-generated images involving a minor that:

  • Show sexually explicit conduct
  • Appear to show sexually conduct
  • Involve an identifiable minor
  • Convey the impression of sexually explicit conduct

I understand the serious nature of child porn possession charges and the importance of resolving the matter with the highest degree of sensitivity to your situation. As an experienced sex crimes lawyer , I will listen carefully to your side of the story and investigate the allegations against you. I will prepare an effective criminal defense case designed to achieve the best possible result under the circumstances.

I have significant experience in navigating and helping clients through the criminal defense process. I have successfully defended many clients accused of sex crimes, and I will work hard to protect your rights and reputation. If you have been arrested for or charged with possession of illegal child pornography, contact attorney Craig Kuhary with Walden, Schuster & Vaklyes, S.C., S.C. to speak with an attorney who can handle child porn possession cases. I offer free initial consultations and maintain strict confidence to protect your privacy.

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