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Read about Wisconsin 's OWI/DWI/DUI/ drunk driving law and what you should do if you are stopped by the police.

If you are under investigation or have been arrested for a crime, call me, Waukesha and Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer Craig Kuhary, at (262) 442-6681. As soon as you hire me, I will get to work investigating your case, negotiating on your behalf, and building your defense.

I help clients get results they had not thought were possible. Domestic violence and drug crime charges, for example, can often be reduced to noncriminal violations through participation in an approved treatment program. In cases involving damages to property, repayment or replacement of the property can help achieve a successful outcome.

When you need results — and a strong, determined defense — contact my Waukesha law office online to schedule a free, confidential consultation. I defend people facing criminal charges in southeastern Wisconsin, including Milwaukee, Waukesha, Jefferson, Walworth, Washington, Ozaukee, and Racine Counties.

I can make a difference in your case, with highly personalized and cost-effective representation in state and municipal courts and in state appeals courts for these and other criminal charges:

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Before you talk to the police, talk to a lawyer. You can expect my complete dedication and commitment to your cause, your rights and your freedom. Contact me, a Waukesha DUI/DWI attorney, at the law firm of Walden, Schuster & Vaklyes, S.C., or call me at (262) 442-6681 to schedule a consultation.

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